TopRAID M110/M310 Systeme

Starline enables 33% more storage capacity in TopRAID M110/M310 systems.

Thanks to the latest firmware of the TopRAID systems from Starline, 8 TB SAS HDDs from HGST are supported. Compared to the former largest 6 TB HDDs, 33% more capacity in TopRAID M110 and M310 systems can be achieved. Together with the recent qualified 3.84 TB SAS SSDs large SSD caching and multi tiered solutions can be represented.


Equipped with 8 TB SAS HDDs the M110-12/M310-12 systems can provide a total capacity of 96 TB in a single enclosure. This is perfect for companies who want to maximize their data storage capacity. All M110/M310 systems can be expanded with additional JBODs and also equipped with 8 TB SAS HDDs.


Technical specifications of HGST SAS HDDs:

  • 8 TB capacity
  • 3.5 LFF HDDs
  • 12 Gbps SAS interface
  • 7.200 rpm
  • 128 GB cache
  • 24×7 continuous operation
  • 5 years warranty


The TopRAID M-series powered by NEC are professional storage systems for virtualized environments, databases and other performance-hungry applications. The powerful processors and the 12 Gbps SAS back-end use the full benefits of the SSD technology. Paired with software features like SSD caching or auto-tiering, the storage can be efficiently consolidated and used cost-effectively. The RAID controllers of the M110/M310 systems offer the support of 12 Gbps SAS drives and host ports with 16 Gbps Fibre Channel or 10 Gbps iSCSI.


Support area:
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