SSD cache promotion TopRAID

SSD Cache promotion for TopRAID M100/M300 & M110/M310 up to 30th June 2016.

There are promotional rates during this period for the modules Storage Manager Suite, PerforCache and Performance Monitor Suite. Up to 40 % discount are possible.

The M-series resolves latency problems at often needed data. For this purpose the so-called hot spot data gets copied in the SSD level-2 cache. In this way, the M-series also accelerates large databases. The read and write cache can be flexibly activated for one or more LUNs (logical drives). In the unlikely case of a controller failure, the "Persistent Write" function allows the mirroring of the controller cache to SSD. In "degraded mode" persistently high write rates are guaranteed.


In simple environments, where access should be accelerated to only one volume, the PerforCache license ais sufficient. At installations in more extensive environments with multiple virtual machines, working with manager and Monitoring Suite is recommended.


More information:

  • The Storage Manager is a server application for centralized management and monitoring of multiple TopRAID systems.
  • PerforCache is a level 2 read and write cache to relieve the TopRAID system with several or repeated accesses. PerforCache can also be operated without Storage Manager and Monitoring Suite, for example if only one database drive has to be cached.
  • The Performance Monitor Suite (consisting of Monitor and Navigator) is a module for detailed surveillance and evaluation of the TopRAID systems performance in real time. Interval measurements and alarms by exceeding of utilization thresholds support at resource control.
  • The Performance Navigator is an additional module for uncomplicated performance analysis by an easily understandable graphical utility.


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